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Tuesday - Thursday
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(315) 807-8936

Payment Options

What is a "cat cafe" and how does it work? (The Short Version)

Congrats! You found a unique experience that aims to help cats find forever homes! Before making the trip, please understand our basic concept:

1- There is a small fee to enter the cat lounge. It is a necessary evil, but it helps us take care of our residents and their space. Housing an average of 12+ cats is no easy feat! Book a visit here.

2- We are the middleman in the adoption process. You CANNOT bring cats here to surrender, and you cannot walk out with an adopted cat the same day!

3- We are not a daycare/playground. Please see our Child Policy page for more information if you plan to bring kids. This is meant to be a relaxing space!

We hope that clarifies some common misconceptions. For more information, see our FAQ Page for answers to the same questions we get asked day in and day out!

Who we are...

Syracuse's premier cat cafe! In partnership with local rescues and shelters, we allow cats to feel more at home as residents in our cafe. You get a better idea of what they're all about and if you are ready to give them a forever home they can be adopted.

Prepare yourself to be grounded & connect to the world to find happiness and comfort! Pet some cats, warm your soul, feel the love!

Upcoming Events

Our Special Events section was getting a little big, so we've given it it's own page! Check out our upcoming events!

Not from around here? Going out of town? Mew Haven Cat Cafe has put together an awesome directory of cat cafes across the US!

It's not the weirdest thing on the internet, but we figured, "why not?"  

This day and age, people are willing to do anything to make a few bucks, even sell feet pics on the internet. Well, noone seems to be selling CAT feet pics, so here we are- some of these freeloaders gotta help with the bills somehow.

Enter OnlyBeans, founded by our rockstar resident, Eddie VanTailen. When asked why, VanTailen simply stated, "I do it for the Churus. Oh, and to give people something to smile about."

Check out our Patreon page to learn about our beautiful bean footage.

Make a Difference

Caring people are the most valuable asset to Pawsitivitea CNY and without your generosity we can not continue with our mission.

Monetary Donations

Never expected, always appreciated! Make a one time or recurring donation.

Supplies We Need

*Adult Dry Cat Food*

Iams Proactive Health

Iams Proactive HealthLinks to Chewy- you'll have to manually enter our address

Kitten Food

(Purina Kitten Chow or Iams Kitten )Link to Chewy- you'll have to manually enter our address

*Cat Litter*

Okocat or TSC Pellets

(ökocat, pine pellets like these from Tractor Supply)


We are always looking to add more caring hearts to our team! From fostering to helping at events, One of the best ways to make a difference is to volunteer.

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