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Important Info!

We promise- even though we are covered in tarps, we are NOT closed!

Construction is still active- the CNY Regional Market is conducting reparations to our part of the building exterior. This will not affect our operations, but it will mean we will only have access to our indoor entrance- the main outdoor entrance will be out of service for the next few weeks. Our building signs have also been removed temporarily, which has made it difficult for new friends to find us.

You can find the commons entrances in the following places: 

*on the Park Street side/front next to M&T Bank

*on the market side/rear next to Able II Driving School.

There is still plenty of parking, though a few spots will be blocked to avoid any damage to personal property, but we wanted to give visitors a heads up on the situation. As the building is over 100 years old, these repairs are out of our control and are doing our best to work around it. We hope to see you soon, the residents will need some extra love with the extra "excitement"!

Who we are...

Syracuse's premier cat cafe! In partnership with local rescues and shelters, we allow cats to feel more at home as residents in our cafe. You get a better idea of what they're all about and if you are ready to give them a forever home they can be adopted.

Prepare yourself to be grounded & connect to the world to find happiness and comfort! Pet some cats, warm your soul, feel the love!

Make a Difference

Caring people are the most valuable asset to Pawsitivitea CNY and without your generosity we can not continue with our mission.

Monetary Donations

Never expected, always appreciated! Make a one time or recurring donation.

Supplies We Need

Adult Dry Cat Food

(Purina ONE or Purina Complete)

Kitten Food

(Purina Kitten Chow)

Cat Litter

(ökocat or Fresh Step unscented)


We are always looking to add more caring hearts to our team! From fostering to helping at events, One of the best ways to make a difference is to volunteer.


Our February Mewsletter is out! Sign up below to get our once-a-month email and get first dibs to sign up for special events!

Knits 'n Kits

Knitting Club at the cafe! Now an open knit social! Bring your own projects and mingle! 2.28!

Creativity with Pawsitivitea

Craft night in the lounge! For all those DIY-ers out there! Next class: 

"Cat-ctus Plants!" 2.23@5pm


BEAN-GO! Power Meower! Two hours of Bingo in the lounge!

Next session 2.18!

Game Night

Next session 2.15!

Purrfect Zen

Next sessions 2.5 @9:45am & 2.21 @5pm!

Mewvie Night

2.19 @5pm Now playing "Cats Don't Dance"

Paint N' Play

Next sessions 2.11@6pm & 2.24@6pm

Purrfect Match!

This one was suggested by one of our regulars! It's probably the *purrfect* time to test it out, too! 

Speed dating just got a whole lot more interesting!

Of course, if you're coming to a cat cafe, you automatically know anyone who joins us likes cats, coffee or tea, and relaxing!

This will be an invite-only event (ie do the survey--> ) to try and make things easy for a first try! The survey just asks for your name, age, email, and a few things you might be interested in! There is also a "what day of the week works for you," so we can plan the best time to host the event! It doesn't necessarily have to be Valentines-oriented, heck, if anything, maybe you make some new friends who enjoy cats and things!

We'll begin reaching out to responders by February 11th!

*update- we got few surveys- we're extending it another week to see if any others are interested! 

Come say hello and let love happen ❤️

Sign up between now and February 11! 

Kittintimate Sound Bath

Our next Kittintimate Sound Bath has sold out! Our subscribers took full advantage of this one, and it's becoming a popular event!

We'll definitely do more of them in the future, so if you missed out, sign up for our once-a-month mewsletter!

Hint though- we will be having a special meditation session involving a warm, cozy cacao beverage!

Homeschool Hangout Hour

In partnership with our yoga instructor, Shonna, we came up with the idea of a dedicated session for homeschoolers! 

Next session is 2.16 1-3pm!

$15- 30 minute visit for one parent and one kid (12 and under must have an adult), plus a small drink for each

$8- 30 minute visit for one kid only (13 and up may enter alone) and a small drink

Extend your visit for an hour for an additional $5 for parent/kid combo, and $2 for single kid

We take pride in keeping everyone safe from covid and providing a fun, relaxing environment to destress. Come say hello, make some new friends (human or feline), and enjoy a little time out!

Please note: We want everyone to enjoy themselves, but please keep in mind that this is an adoption facilitation center, and not a petting zoo/daycare. Being calm and relaxed is the best way to visit! If guests of any age are disruptive, we have the right to ask you to leave. Thank you!

Our first book: The House in the Cerulean Sea

Our friend, Casey, owner of Golden Bee Bookshop, called this read "utterly charming!" Its under $20, or you can try your local library.

A quick blurb: A magical island. A dangerous task. A burning secret. A caseworker in the Department in Charge of Magical Youth is sent to a highly classified assignment- an enchanting story about discovering family in an unexpected place!

It's finally here! Pawsome Reads

Well, it only took us a year to actually do it. Attention readers! We'll now be hositng a monthly book club! Here's how it works- each month there will be a voting period to decide a genre, followed by a period of time to pick up the book. You then have the next month to read, and we meet on the last Wednesday of that month! We are currently voting for the March book genre below!

February 1-14: vote on a genre

February 15-28: pick up your book

March 1-22: read!

March 22: Pawsome Reads meet up!

We're excited to start this up and hope you are too! The club session is $12 for 90 minutes! Pet the cats, discuss the reads, and make some new friends!

**Please note: ONLY VOTE if you wish to participate in the club. Thank you!

Voting open for the March book genre from 2.1-2.14!

Winter Hours

Starting January 1, we will not be open Monday and Tuesday through the spring.

While we had a few show up for our late night sessions, it was not enough for us to warrant staying open for the few hours. Visits and sales have been down (aside from the season, the construction has not been helping), so we would rather conserve some energy, possibly some payroll, and have two days of down-time to regroup.

There will be special sessions where we will be open on a Tuesday (think: winter break), so for now, we are going to try and relax. We'll announce those days when we get closer.

Thank you for your understanding and support!

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