Pawsitivitea CNY

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Cafe & Cat Lounge

General Questions & Answers

Q: What exactly is a cat cafe?

A: We are basically a fancy foster home for cats from local rescues! They get a large space to hang out and express themselves more freely so you can discover their personalities a bit better. We are also a nice little spot for you to relax in the company of feline companionship.

Q: What about the "cafe" part? Does that mean the cats come in contact with the food?

A: Nope! After researching and visiting other cat cafes, we adopted the double door entry room procedure: you enter a small room, close the first door, then open the second door to enter the cat lounge. This way if the cats try and get out, they just end up in a tiny room! All food prep is done on the cafe side, and staff is required to wash their hands upon returning from the cat room.

Q: Okay, so then is food allowed in the lounge?

A: Drinks are totally fine, but food should be kept in the cafe area so the cats don't get sick from people food.

Q: Can I bring my own cat?

A: Unfortunately, no. As much as we love to have them, we are focused on finding our residents their forever homes.

Q: I found a cat who needs help/I can't keep my cat. Do you take them in?

A: We do not, we are not officially a rescue! We are affiliated with a couple great rescue groups, Wayward Paws and Oswego SPCA, and we highly recommend reaching out to them. Their contact info can be found on our Residents page.

Q: Is there information we need to know prior to visiting, or a waiver?

A: Yes! We have a waiver attached to our online reservation system about entering the cat lounge, and on the chance you do not reserve, we have it available in the shop to sign upon arrival. You can find the waiver here to read and sign as well, as it must be submitted before entering the lounge.

Cat Lounge Questions & Answers

Q: How many cats are in the lounge?

A: We normally have between 8-12 cats, which can fluctuate at any time. Please check our Residents page to see who is currently here to play!

Q: Are the cats in the lounge spayed/neutered, and up to date with vaccines?

A: Yes! We not only want them to find their forever homes, but we want to make sure they are healthy and ready so there are less worries on both ends of the adoption process!

Q: Are reservations required?

A: Yes and no. During peak times and for special events, it is STRONGLY RECOMMENDED you reserve as there is no guarantee on availability- typically weekends fill quick so please check our Reservations for available times. However non-peak times- usually most weekdays- often have walk-in bookings available.

Q: I would like to bring my kids, what are your guidelines?

A: Our policy to ensure the safety of both cats and humans is children 5 years and older may enter the lounge, and kids up to 12 must be accompanied by an adult. Cats are cats- they can be unpredictable in nature, can go from mellow to demon in 2.6 seconds if the mood rises. Kids are naturally exuberant and we can appreciate that- however felines also enjoy more relaxed and gentle interactions, which may not always happen with smaller kids. Younger ages, many times (and we understand not ALL kids have never met a cat), are still learning impulse control and sudden outbursts which could cause stress and anxiety with cats. Kittens are just as impressionable as kids are, and if they are constantly under stress, they will associate little kids with lifelong fear. Likewise with children- if a cat or kitten is stressed and takes a swipe, this could be a source of fear for them as well. We want everyone to enjoy their time in the lounge, have a positive experience, and make sure everyone is safe to the best of our abilities!

Entry Fee, Adoption Fees, and Donations

Q: Why do you have an entry fee?

A: Our small entry fee is a necessary evil that helps us cover the cost of housing and caring for our feline friends. It also enables us to have staff members to keep things running smoothly, and to cover costs associated with running a business.

Q: Where do your adoption fees go?

A: To care for the kitties, of course! Each cat or kitten that comes through our doors and does not have any veterinary records will receive a checkup to get their vaccines updated, tested for FIV/FeL blood tests, flea treatment, spay or neuter, and so much more. We have teamed up with local organizations such as SANS and the up and coming Animal Alliance of Greater Syracuse (AAGS) who provide low cost services to help our animal companions!

Q: ...And your donations?

A: Your donations go to work right in our café for our resident cats! Physical donations are used in house (such as litter, food, and blankets) and monetary donations go toward veterinary and business expenses. Eventually, we hope to be able to give back to our community! (We have donated to CNY Cat Coalition in the past and would love to keep doing stuff like this!)