Pawsitivitea CNY

Syracuse's Premier
Cafe & Cat Lounge

Toe Beans
& Tea Leaves

Coffee Beans

Premium Medium & Dark Roast Coffee

Locally roasted blends from Salt City Coffee.

Espresso shots- Single or Double

Americano- Single or Double shot with hot water

Cool Beans

Cold Brewed medium roast coffee.
Made in house. Steeped for 15 hours for a smooth flavor.

We also offer cold brewed tea, the flavors vary week to week!

Tea Leaves

We offer a curated selection of tea
including our exclusive house blend.

Happy Paws

* House Blend *

A herbal tea made with catnip.
Lightly sweetened and a bit fruity.

Irish Breakfast

Earl Grey Moonlight

Jasmine Phoenix Pearls


Rooibos Vanilla Chai

Aubrey's Sweet Asylum

Honey Almond

Winter Solstice

Plum Pudding

Purr Over Coffee

Enjoy a cup of pour over coffee with a variety of roasts.
Served weekdays during lower volume times.

Purrfect Lattes

Lattes made the way you LOVE them!

Steamed milk combined with your choice of:
Tea | Espresso | Matcha | Hot Cocoa

Signature Lattes and Drinks

Pansy's Potion
Happy Paws Tea & Elderberry

(can be served as a tea or a latte)

London Fog
Earl Grey Tea & Vanilla Latte

Vanilla Chai

Rooibos Vanilla Chai Latte

Purrple Haze
Earl Grey Tea, Vanilla and Lavender Latte

O'Malley Special
Matcha & Lavender Latte

The Gizmo
Matcha & Vanilla Latte

The Ivan
Mocha & Lavender

(can be served as a latte or hot chocolate)

Mischief Managed

Hojicha & Mocha Latte

Some People Call Me Maurice

Vanilla Chai with Espresso ("Dirty Chai")


Hojicha & Caramel Latte

Seasonal Selections

Peppermint Mocha*

Choose regular or white mocha and be whisked away to a cozy winter's evening with a chocolatey treat!

Winter Spice*

Orange zest, cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves wrapped in a brown sugar kiss!

White Winter Spice*

A hug in a cup- white chocolate and orange with warming spices!

*These can be made as either a latte (with espresso) or as a hot chocolate (no espresso).


Add an espresso shot to your beverage

Fancy Beans

Add one of our homemade flavor shots to your beverage!

Vanilla - Mocha - Caramel - Lavender

Seasonal: Apple Crisp - Pumpkin Spice

White Mocha

Dairy Options

2% Milk - Oat Milk - Almond Milk - Coconut Milk

Baked Goods
& Human Treats

We offer an assortment of homemade baked goods. Check back each week for something new!

Assorted Cookies

Breads & Half Moons



Special Treats

Vegan Treats

Vegan treats also available from our local partners at Fatcat Baking! Selections vary each week so check back to see what we offer!

Gluten Free Options

Rotating selection made in-house! Check back or call in to see our options!

Custom Orders
& Catering

Looking for something a
little more

Let us create your next cake or dessert with your choice of flavors, party favors, and so much more!

Below are some samples of what we offer but you are by no means limited to the selection. The sky is the limit so please contact us to discuss your options.

Cookies - Cupcakes - Muffins - Half Moons - Scones - Macarons - Brownies - Rice Krispies Treats - Quick Breads - Cake - Cheesecake - Pie

Cake Flavors





Red Velvet

Chai Spice


Strawberry Preserves

Lemon Curd

Raspberry Preserves

Peanut Butter Mousse

Whipped Cream






Peanut Butter

Cream Cheese

Whipped Cream