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Who we are...

Syracuse's premier cat cafe! In partnership with local rescues and shelters, we allow cats to feel more at home as residents in our cafe. You get a better idea of what they're all about and if you are ready to give them a forever home they can be adopted.

Prepare yourself to be grounded & connect to the world to find happiness and comfort! Pet some cats, warm your soul, feel the love!

Beginning June 1, 2023

After a (6 month) long think, it's finally time to make a decision and announcement- Starting in June, our admission fees will be adjusted to help us keep up with the world and it's crazy inflation. It's not the best news, and it was a difficult decision to make since we want to keep things affordable for everyone.

We did our research across other cat cafes in similar sized cities, and we are still on the cheaper side (a few are doing their hours for like $22!). On the other hand, y'all know that a half gallon of oat milk is like $4? About a year ago, it was a solid $3, it's not much, but it adds up. That and friggin butter, man. We're lucky to get free eggs from my mom and her small army of chickens!

Anyway, we hope you understand and will continue to support us! We love doing what we do and hope you do, too!

Make a Difference

Caring people are the most valuable asset to Pawsitivitea CNY and without your generosity we can not continue with our mission.

Monetary Donations

Never expected, always appreciated! Make a one time or recurring donation.

Supplies We Need

Adult Dry Cat Food

(Purina ONE or Purina Complete)Links to Chewy- you'll have to manually enter our address

Kitten Food

(Purina Kitten Chow)Link to Chewy- you'll have to manually enter our address

Cat Litter

(ökocat, sWheat Scoop, or Fresh Step unscented)


We are always looking to add more caring hearts to our team! From fostering to helping at events, One of the best ways to make a difference is to volunteer.

Our Special Events section was getting a little big, so we've given it it's own page! Check out our Upcoming Events here!

Seasonal Hours

Starting January 1, we will not be open Monday and Tuesday through the spring.

Springtime gets a little quiet around our parts, so we would rather conserve some energy, possibly some payroll, and have two days of down-time to regroup. We'll be keeping an eye on numbers, and could potentially bring back Tuesdays sooner than July, but for now, it's not worth the extra energy.

Thank you for your understanding and support!

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