Paws and Reflect

Silent Auction Anniversary Event


Paws and Reflect 2021 was a huge success! We are so happy to have been able to host an event like this and help our rescues in return for helping us! We hope next year will be just as exciting and then some!

Stay pawsitive, be majestic!

Huge thanks to Megan at Spaw at the Cove for even pitching the idea of hosting an event in the first place, you've opened a new door to our journey, and it's one we will continue to use!

Thank you also, for reminding and yelling at me to just stop trying to literally do everything, introducing me to some cool people, and reminding me to let you guys help. I still think we are at a draw on the uselessness battle, though.

To Ron, Crazy-Ass, and Johnny- thank you for dealing with my inconsistency, lack of mental presence, being an obstinate human being, and all the other b.s. that radiates from my existence. Your unconditional love and support rivals none. I love you.

To Erin, Cai, Kristen, Dana, Hunter, Cyel, Mike, Erika, Megan, Tanya, Craig, Alison- friendship powers are strong with you- I ain't never had friends like you! I could not ask for better humans to be associated with, and your dedication to the cause, the cafe, and more, outshines anything I've ever known.

To our Vendors: Car's Clay Art, Critter Joy, Lavender Corgi Co., Sam from Rose Quartz Salon, Dorese with Green Compass, Ann's Midnite Creations, Mystic Craft Studio, Lacey's Spacey, Ursa Animal Reiki, Tarot readings by Cai, Wescott Cookie, Honeycomb Bakery, and our musical guest, the D-Dubb Experience, y'all ROCK! So glad to have you all to celebrate the day with us, and to share your dreams and achievements with the community!

To our Auction Item Donors:

3Leaf Tea, BeeKind Syracuse, CNY Regional Market, Cory's Canine Cove, the Dazzle Store, Eclectic Clay, Fatcat Baking, Hollis Funeral Home, Hope Cafe and Tea, Mystic Craft Studio, Rooted Wildlings, Rose Quartz Salon, Heid's of Liverpool, Knot Plain or Tall, Moonraker Tea Shop, Nice Biscuit, Origins in Ink, Skytop Coffee, Lavender Corgi Co., Tiny Unicorns Boutique, LaFayette Kennels, Wescott Cookie, 210 Teas, Green Compass, Play the Game Read the Story, Alternative Hippy, Full Homo Earrings, Oswego SPCA, the Inconvenient Kitten, Critter Joy, Larger than Life, Mother's Cupboard, Salt City Coffee, Working Class Tattoo, Feats of Clay, Live Wild Adornments, Mother Nature Pet Supply, Critter Crossing, Jenn G. Photography...If I am forgetting anyone, I apologize, and truly appreciate you as well! Things got a little chaotic toward the end with last minute add ins and drop outs, again, please know we are so grateful you were able to be a part of our big day!

Until next year...See you soon!