Pawsitivitea CNY

Cafe & Cat Lounge

About Us

Bring a little extra happiness to your world...

Our purpose is to bring a little more happiness to the world with warm beverages and, more importantly, animal companionship. There is nothing quite like kicking back with something to warm the soul, both inside and out.

Companion animals offer unconditional love and can reduce stress. In turn, we also perceive to find these cats their forever homes... Happiness for one and all! ♥

Our Staff

Alisha Reynolds

Owned by Alisha Reynolds, the idea to bring a cat cafe to Syracuse started in late 2017, some time after visiting Catnip Cafe in Norfolk, Va. The experience was awesome and, with the cat cafe trend on the rise, thought it would be a great asset to the CNY community for both human and feline.

Alisha has been in retail for over 17 years and has a passion for helping others, and a strong compassion for animal care and well being. She is a bird mom of eleven and cat mom of four. She has a Bachelors in Fine Art and an Associates in Culinary Arts Management.

Our Progress So Far

September 19, 2020

We had a soft opening with a limited menu and a growing community of cats. We have already been able to help several get to their furever homes.

Prepare yourself to be grounded and connect to the world to find happiness and comfort! Pet some cats, warm your soul, feel the love!

We have an amazing following so far between all of our fans, Purrmoters, and local businesses who have reached out to be a part of something big! Much love and happiness to you all, and Thank You for following our journey!

June 29, 2020

In the search for cafe equipment, I couldn't find a pastry case to my liking. They were either too small, super plain, or super expensive. Finally decided to draw up a plan and got to work! A few days of hard work paid off in the long run!

We are currently finalizing the layout of the cafe and the cat room, and hoping to hear from the health department soon!

We are getting so close! It's been a long year and change, with lots of ups and downs, and learning new stuff on the way!

April 25, 2020

We put a roof over our buffer room! Its got this "back porch" vibe going on. Still a lot of cleaning and tweaking to do at this point!

Right about this time, we started hunting for furniture and such for the cat room. Facebook marketplace has some pretty interesting stuff if you know where to look! Im really fortunate to have met some awesome people out there, and am happy to repurpose their furniture for a good cause!

We have a bookshelf, too, so there will be a small library!

March 15, 2020

The logo I designed was sent off to Voss Signs in Manlius where they printed off some storefront decals for our brand! Got them up on our windows!

March 9, 2020

Speaking of purple, I FINALLY got to cover the red and brighten up the place a bit!

March 1, 2020

We've been moving along fairly quickly once these enclosures were erected. I was able to spackle and paint the majority of the walls. We are going to put a vent/filter on the top corner of the litter room, and the cats have a cat door installed so they can go as they please. I found these awesome old storm doors and a couple windows from Golden Treasures in Constantia, Ny. We sanded them down and I painted the doors and replaced a couple broken windows for almost nothing! The whole "reclaimed stuff" look was kind of a happy accident, the only set design idea I had was the purple and blue color scheme.

February 29, 2020

We got our three (soon to be one) spaces at the end of December (I signed the lease December 31st!) and retrieved the keys a few weeks later toward the end of January. We only had keys for either end space. It wasn't a horrible problem considering we needed to connect them all anyway. So we, uh, had to break a couple things...Once that was (mostly) complete, we began building our litter room and the buffer room!

February 1, 2020

First viewing and first entry- I couldn't leave the old menu up there forever, gotta make our mark!