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We are working on bouncing back from recent events, so please keep us in mind if you need sweets for any occasion!

We offer assortments of cookies, quick breads, cupcakes and cakes, but if you got a Pinterest challenge (within reason) we'll be happy to work with you!

Extra Special Events

Knits 'n Kits

Knitting Club at the cafe! Now an open knit social! Bring your own projects and mingle! This one's a week early- 5.23!

Creativity with Pawsitivitea

Craft night in the lounge! For all those DIY-ers out there! Next class: 

 "VW Cat Bus" 5.18@5pm


BEAN-GO! Power Meower! Two hours of Bingo in the lounge!

Friday 5.19!

Game Night

Next session 5.24@5pm!

Purrfect Zen

Next session 5.21 @9:45a!

Mewvie Night

Next mewvie coming in June!

Paint N' Play

Next sessions 5.12@6pm & 5.20@6pm

Homeschool Hangout Hour

In partnership with our yoga instructor, Shonna, we came up with the idea of a dedicated session for homeschoolers! 

Next session Wednesday 5.11 from 1-3pm!

$15- 30 minute visit for one parent and one kid (12 and under must have an adult), plus a small drink for each

$8- 30 minute visit for one kid only (13 and up may enter alone) and a small drink

Extend your visit for an hour for an additional $5 for parent/kid combo, and $2 for single kid

We take pride in keeping everyone safe from covid and providing a fun, relaxing environment to destress. Come say hello, make some new friends (human or feline), and enjoy a little time out!

Please note: We want everyone to enjoy themselves, but please keep in mind that this is an adoption facilitation center, and not a petting zoo/daycare. Being calm and relaxed is the best way to visit! If guests of any age are disruptive, we have the right to ask you to leave. Thank you!

It's finally here! Pawsome Reads

Sourdough was a fun read for March! We got a little behind on selecting a book for May, so we'll announce it soon! In the meantime, please vote for the June genre below!

For future meets and reads, here's how it works- each month there will be a voting period to decide a genre, followed by a period of time to pick up the book. You then have the next month to read, and we meet on the last Wednesday of that month!

May 1-14: vote on a genre

May 15-30: pick up your book

June 1-28: read!

June 28: Pawsome Reads meet up!

The club session is $12 for 90 minutes! Pet the cats, discuss the reads, and make some new friends!

**Please note: ONLY VOTE if you wish to participate in the club. Thank you!

Voting open for the June book genre from 5.1-5.14!

Kittintimate Sound Bath

Looks like we'll try again for June!

Dungeons and Dragons, but make it with cats

Do you really need a reason to hang out with cats? If you've been looking for an excuse to have a D&D night, we got you covered!

Our first mission was a huge hit, and we'reready for more! It ended up stretching a little over 2 hours, but that's okay. The cats enjoyed it! (And humans, too!)

The next mission will begin on Friday 5.26- please be sure to submit your basic character info by 5.20 so our DM can create you a stat sheet (which you'll get to roll for numbers at the beginning of the session!)

Anime Club is here!

Otaku rejoice! Or heck, anyone who has an interest in anime or manga- you can be a full-on veteran who insists on only watching with subtitles for authenticity, or someone who just watched their first episode of SpyXFamily and was really into it, this club is for you!

We feel like anime has a good fit with us, its kind of like cats- if you're coming to the cafe, chances are you'll have something in common with other visitors by default! Discover new series, read or watch, or even just listen to everyone else! Enjoy a drink and the company of our residents, and just have a good time!

Special Hours or Closings

Events Outside the Shop!

CNY Pride

June 10, 2023

Retro Game Con

October 7-8, 2023

We'll have special merch for these events that will not be available in store! More details soon!