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Knits 'n Kits

Knitting Club at the cafe! Now an open knit social! Bring your own projects and mingle! 3.28!

Creativity with Pawsitivitea

Craft night in the lounge! For all those DIY-ers out there! Next class: 

"Kitty Tote" 3.23@5pm


BEAN-GO! Power Meower! Two hours of Bingo in the lounge!

Next session 3.18!

Game Night

Next session 3.22!

Purrfect Zen

Next sessions 3.5 & 3.19 @9:45am!

Mewvie Night

3.26 @5pm Now playing "A Cat in Paris"

Paint N' Play

Next sessions 3.10@6pm & 3.25@6pm

Homeschool Hangout Hour

In partnership with our yoga instructor, Shonna, we came up with the idea of a dedicated session for homeschoolers! 

Next session TBA!

$15- 30 minute visit for one parent and one kid (12 and under must have an adult), plus a small drink for each

$8- 30 minute visit for one kid only (13 and up may enter alone) and a small drink

Extend your visit for an hour for an additional $5 for parent/kid combo, and $2 for single kid

We take pride in keeping everyone safe from covid and providing a fun, relaxing environment to destress. Come say hello, make some new friends (human or feline), and enjoy a little time out!

Please note: We want everyone to enjoy themselves, but please keep in mind that this is an adoption facilitation center, and not a petting zoo/daycare. Being calm and relaxed is the best way to visit! If guests of any age are disruptive, we have the right to ask you to leave. Thank you!

March book: Sourdough by Robin Sloan

Our friend, Casey, owner of Golden Bee Bookshop, called this read "quirky and charing!" Its under $20, or you can try your local library.

A quick blurb: Imagine a techie lured from Midwest to San Fransico to work at a robotics company. Two foreigners running a restaurant out of a hole in the wall, also in SF. They have to leave, they introduce Lois (the techie) to their sourdough starter and ask her to take care of it.

She then discovers an unusual farmers market, and in an attempt to get in to sell, she wonders, what would happen when technology meets bread?

It's finally here! Pawsome Reads

Our first book, "The House on the Cerulean Sea" was a hit with our readers for our first book club! We just announced our book for March, "Sourdough" by Robin Sloan! Readers can pick it up now to read, and we'll meet on March 29 to discuss!

For future meets and reads, here's how it works- each month there will be a voting period to decide a genre, followed by a period of time to pick up the book. You then have the next month to read, and we meet on the last Wednesday of that month!

March 1-14: vote on a genre

March 15-28: pick up your book

April 1-22: read!

April 22: Pawsome Reads meet up!

Our first session was super fun! The club session is $12 for 90 minutes! Pet the cats, discuss the reads, and make some new friends!

**Please note: ONLY VOTE if you wish to participate in the club. Thank you!

Voting open for the April book genre from 3.1-3.14!

Next month's Sound Bath returns to normal

Our next sound bath date will be released in our next Mewsletter! It should go out around the 25th of the month!

Dungeons and Dragons, but make it with cats

Do you really need a reason to hang out with cats? If you've been looking for an excuse to have a D&D night, we got you covered!

Felines and Formidables will have it's first mission on Friday 3.24 at 6pm! You can choose a drink of choice to quench your thirst along the way, and while we're expecting to complete the mission in one night (for now, it's not a multi-part series), you can be sure that the residents will play their part in some fashion.

So grab your shiny dice, some comfy clothes, and grab a spot before theyre gone! You can also choose to enter your character's info so our DM can make a basic stat sheet so everyone is on the same level (ba-dum-tssss) or you can choose to have a completely random character created!

From Books to Anime...

Our first Pawsome Reads crew had more in common than we thought, and what started as a discussion about our first read turned into a "whats your favorite anime?" chat!

So, why not take it to the next level? And lets be honest, if you can have a bunch of cats around, whats not to love?

Take the survey and let us know what you think- do you like to read manga over watch the anime? Vice-versa? Do you like both? What times/days would be cool to have a club? Are subtitles the only way you can live with anime? Do it up and we'll get to organizing!

Special Hours or Closings

Spring break is coming for colleges in the area! We usually see an uptick in traffic during this week, so if you are looking to plan a visit, please be sure to book ahead and guarantee your spot! We cap the room at 8 people so the cats don't get stressed out. Walk-ins are dependent on bookings- we get random times where everyone comes in all at once (like 3pm on a Thursday?? 1pm on a Friday?? It's all over the place) and people have to wait or come back another time. Booking kind of helps us plan our day as well! Thank you for all your support!

Winter break in February was OFF THE WALL, up to and including Saturday 2.25, we were fully booked before we even opened for the day!

Extra Special Events

Second Annual Kitten Shower

It's that time of the year, our rescues will be heading into kitten season!

We had a great turnout last year, and filled a large crate with assorted towels, food, litter, and more, to help out with the incoming babies for the year!

We'll be hosting our second annual Kitten Shower April 23, 2023 from 12-5pm! We'll be collecting kitten food (wet and dry), litter, assorted kitten-friendly toys, paper towels, Dawn Original dish soap, pee pads, and more- you can check out our Amazon wishlist- to support Oswego SPCA and Wayward Paws in their endeavors to help this year's intakes.

In combination with the kitten shower, our friend, Raine, will be back for the weekend- the 22nd and 23rd- for Ink & Beans- Tats for Cats II!

We'll announce more details in the coming weeks, so be sure to get on our Monthly Mewsletter and be first to know!

Coming Soon!

Ink & Beans and Magic Queendom Drag Brunch!

Be sure to sign up for our Monthly Mewsletter for first access to book and get info!

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Events Outside the Shop!

CNY Pride

June 10, 2023

Retro Game Con

October 7-8, 2023

We'll have special merch for these events that will not be available in store! More details soon!