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The Usual Suspects

Knits 'n Kits

Knitting Club at the cafe! Now an open knit & crochet social! Bring your own projects and mingle!

Next Session 10.24

Creativity with Pawsitivitea

Craft night in the lounge! For all those DIY-ers out there! We bring the supplies, the cats help!

Next Session 10.19


BEAN-GO! Power Meower! Two hours of Bingo in the lounge with prizes from the cafe & local crafters!

Next session 10.14

Purrfect Zen Yoga

Stretch out with some good vibes for one of the favorite resident activities! All skill levels welcome!

Next sessions 10.11 @2pm, 10.17 @5pm

Game Night

Board games, card games, video games...we got a little bit for everyone!

Next session 10.18

Mewvie Night

Catch a flick with our feline friends for less than it costs to go to the actual theater!

10.22 "The Rocky Horror Picture Show"

Felines & Formidables

Dungeons and Dragons, but make it with cats! Roll for initiative, or the cats will bless you...with chaos!

Next session 10.27

Kittintimate Sound Bath

Immerse yourself in a sound meditation experience and wash your cares away!

Next session 10.26

Anime Club

Open discussion group for all things anime and manga! We'll chat, pick something, and watch!

Next session SUNDAY 10.30


Includes a 16x20 canvas and paint supplies. No judgement from humans, only the cats do that.

Next sessions 10.13, 10.20

On the next episode of
Pawsome Reads

S.T. is just your average crow who lives with his human, Big Jim, and bloodhound, Dennis. That is, at least, until Big Jim's eye falls out. And he loses the ability to communicate.

S.T. tries to cure him with an array of pharmaceuticals from the local Walgreens, but realizes that its not just Big Jim, but all the MoFos (humans) that are being affected by whatever this illness is.

Wanting to make a difference, he sets out with Dennis in search of answers in an apocalyptic suburb of Seattle. If it would bring the MoFos back, S.T. would give his last Cheetos to save them all.

Get a crows-eye view of the apocalypse in Hollow Kingdom by Kira Jane Buxton for our next session of Pawsome Reads on 10.25!

Homeschool Hangout Hour

Welcome back! School is now in session! As we begin another exciting year, we'll be sure to have some space for our homeschooling friends to create their own field trip with us!

Come say hello on Wednesday 10.18 between 1-3pm for specially priced sessions:


Parent & kid (5 and up): 

30 minutes and a small tea/coffee/lemonade/hot chocolate: $16

Make it an hour: +$5


Kid only (13 and up):

30 minutes and a small tea/coffee/lemonade/hot chocolate: $8

Make it an hour: +$2.50


Please send us an email to "stuff.pawsitivitea.cny@gmail.com" if you wish to attend, as this is NOT a bookable visit!  

Please note: We want everyone to enjoy themselves, but please keep in mind that this is an adoption facilitation center, and not a petting zoo/daycare. Being calm and relaxed is the best way to visit! If guests of any age are disruptive, we have the right to ask you to leave. Thank you!

Special Hours or Closings

Special Hours Sunday 10.8

Holy GameCon, Catman! We're treating our staff to the last few hours of RetroGameCOn on Sunday 10.8, so we will be open 10a-2p for the occasion!

Be sure to book your visits, as the last hour of the day is already unavailable!

Thank you for understanding!

Events Outside the Shop!

Retro Game Con

October 7-8, 2023

Syracuse Wine and Chocolate Festival

November 25, 2023

We'll have special merch for these events that will not be available in store! More details soon!