Child Policy

Many cat cafes have restrictions on younger children visiting. Pawsitivitea CNY Cafe & Cat Lounge would like to make our cat lounge accessible to as many humans as possible. We currently allow children 5 and up in the lounge, and children 5-12 MUST be accompanied by an adult- NO EXCEPTIONS. For everyone's cat lounge experience, we would like you- the parents- to please help us.

Actively Supervise your Children

It sounds simple, but we often get parents that will sit down or step away to use their phones, or converse with other adults while their children wreak havoc. While we do encourage you to be social in society, this is not an excuse to not pay attention to your children. "Active supervision" means you are ensuring your children are interacting appropriately with the cats and are following lounge rules.

Be Sure Children can Help Maintain a Calm Environment

The cat lounge is meant to be not only a place for meeting a potential new forever friend but a place of calm, relaxing enjoyment that our visitors expect. If your child would not be happy in this environment, please wait until they can be. That way everyone, both feline and human, can have an excellent experience.

Prepare Your Children to Listen to Directions

We understand that even with active supervision, children will do things they aren't supposed to sometimes. Make sure they are willing and able to comply with directions given to them by staff and volunteers. Not only is this to ensure a great visit, but also for everyone's safety. Cats can be unpredictable, after all.

Decision of the Staff is Final

Pawsitivitea CNY will now be adhering to a "three strike" rule. Upon entry to the lounge, the staff will explain the rules to you before entering to ensure we can maintain the relaxed environment we have created. If children enter the lounge and cannot act in a manner consistent to our guidelines, you and your child will be informed of this. Continued problematic behavior will result in the child having to leave the lounge. No refunds will be given if children are required to leave due to behavior.


We love to share the love of cats with as many humans as we can! We have come close to asking children to leave several times but have not officially had to do so yet. With the help of all parents, we can continue to provide a relaxing experience for all of our guests!

We don't ask for much, and we are not babysitters. Please do your part!